Portfolio Construction and Optimization  
Let’s build a portfolio of investments that meets your unique needs

We can start with your existing portfolio and the changes necessary to suit it to your needs

We can assume you're starting fresh, and build one for you using this process.


Next, we'll need to select a benchmark portfolio whose properties we’ll attempt to match. We'll be minimizing tracking error, or the difference between risk/return of the portfolio and this benchmark.

Specify any types of investments we'd like to expressly exclude from our analysis

Socially Responsible Investment Qualities

Select which socially responsible investing properties would you like the portfolio to have.

Select ESG Constraint Value

Now we can specify specific allocations and constraints for the portfolio (e.g. 30% stocks)

Select Constraint Type Constraint Value Allocation Value Inequality

Finally, specify any result requirements that we need to enforce

Select Requirement Input Values
    Cash Infusion :
    Allow Short Sales : Yes  No
    Maximum Investment Weight :

Results of the Optimization

Services that made this possible

Investment Portfolio

Portfolio Optimization

What you can do next

Rebalance your portfolio

Rebalance an investment portfolio based on a wide range of objectives and investor preferences such as avoiding sin stocks, focusing on socially responsible investments, or limiting contribution to asset classes, all while minimizing the overall volatility with respect to a benchmark.

Stress test your portfolio

Project the potential impact to your portfolio based on the result of a macroeconomic shock and its resulting, correlated effects on the rest of the market.

Build a new portfolio

Import a new portfolio using Quovo.